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6 Tips for Making a Long Distance Move Easier on Your Children

15 Mar 6 Tips for Making a Long Distance Move Easier on Your Children

Kids may be resilient, but the change that comes when moving still takes time for them to get used to. With the pressure of an impending moving day looming, it may be easy to forget that your smallest family members are experiencing stress too. Make things easier on them, and ultimately yourself by following these tips for moving with kids.

  1. Prepare Your Kids Ahead of Time

    This is not the time when waiting until the last minute to break the news will pay off. Talk to your children about moving even as early as when the ג€œfor saleג€ sign goes up in front of your home. This is a big event and they should be included. Younger children will find it hard to grasp the concept of changing a house, so be prepared to explain what is going to happen often.

  2. Involve Your Kids in the Move

    Circle moving day on the calendar so that your children have an idea of when it will happen and mark off each day beforehand. If possible, let them see the new house before the move, and get them excited by letting them draw pictures of how they would like their new room to be arranged. Like adults, the more your children feel a part like a part of the decisions surrounding the move, the more accepting they will be of it.

  3. Allow Your Kids to Help You Pack

    You may be cringing at the idea, but allowing them to take control of their own items helps to give them a sense of control over the whole move. You can also arm the younger ones with crayons and let them ג€œlabelג€ the boxes with pictures of what is inside.

  4. Have a Proper Goodbye

    Even if you are overwhelmed with moving responsibilities, take the time to have a farewell party with friends and family. This is as much for you as it is for your kids as it allows you the chance to say goodbye to people who are normally a part of your day to day life. Donג€™t forget to say a proper goodbye to your house before pulling away from it for the last time. This will give the move finality, which will be helpful in making your children understand that the move is a permanent one.

  5. Allow Your Children the Proper Amount of Time to Adjust

    Donג€™t be surprised at some heel dragging and tears when you first move into a new home. You are busy getting it ready, but your children are busy missing the old house. Involve them in decorating decisions, new furniture purchases and anything else possible to help them to begin to feel like the new house is home. If old enough, they should be allowed to unpack their own boxes and set up their new rooms as they see fit.

  6. Donג€™t Change all of Your Family Habits

    Your children will adjust quickly if they are able to understand that even thought the house changed, their family didnג€™t. If you normally go to the park on Sunday afternoon, keep that tradition, or make sure that you donג€™t miss a night of watching your favorite TV programs together. Continue with the routines your children are used to so that they still feel a sense of security.

Moving long distance is hard on everyone, but as a parent you are going to have to maintain a positive attitude and provide encouragement to your kids, even if you are feeling frustrated yourself. That happy disposition will transcend to your kids and make them more willing to accept and even embrace this change in their life.

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