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How To Move With Pets

12 Jun How To Move With Pets

As individuals, we all know how stressful it can be to move, especially when we move to a new city. If you have furry friends who are taking the journey with you, it is important to realize how a big move affects their life. It isn’t easy on them. They experience stress and depression just as we do. To make the move easier on you and your pet, consider a few tips we’ve outlined for you below.

Pack With Their Needs in Mind

For dogs and cats, it is important to keep them involved throughout the moving process. It is an excellent idea to bring in your moving boxes months in advance so your pets can adjust to your actions and also keep their stress levels at a minimum. When they know what is going on, and there aren’t any dramatic changes, they can adjust and go with the flow.

Leave Their Room Until Later

Make sure your pets have a room that is unaffected by the move until the last day you plan on packing up. This will provide them with comfort and will ensure that they have everything they need to feel calm and comfortable. Place their food, water, and bedding in that room and leave it untouched until moving day.

Send them Away On Moving Day

Cats and dogs are sensitive to their environment, particularly to the noises, sights and smells that come with moving day. To keep them calm and to keep them out of harm’s way, send your pets to a family member or friend with whom they are familiar. This will enable you to get work done without worrying about their needs.

We all love our pets, and we have to remember they are affected by moving just like us. Keep these tips in mind to make it easier on them.

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