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How to Choose Reputable Movers

15 Mar How to Choose Reputable Movers

Entrusting a company with all of your worldly possessions is not a decision that you should be taking lightly. Choosing a mover should involve the same processes you would go through before allowing any service provider into your home. Follow these steps to ensure that the moving company you hire is reliable and reputable before handing over everything you own.

Look at Moving Companies that are Being Recommended ג€“ Take the word of your family and friends who have had good experiences with a moving company in the past, or check review sites online. It means a lot about the integrity of a company when customers go out of their way to say positive things about them publicly.

Contact a Few Different Companies ג€“ Either call or send an email to a few different companies asking for a quote. Dismiss any that donג€™t respond back within 2 days. You will probably be given an estimate based on some general information you give about the details of your move, but wait until the in-home assessment before making any final decision.

Be Upfront During the Assessments ג€“ You should allow for between 2 and 4 in-home estimates from the movers that you have contacted. Disclose as much as you can about what you need to have moved so that you can get an accurate quote. Donג€™t forget to mention any issues at the new house that will impact the move such as large staircases or a driveway that is set far away from the entrance.

Be wary of any estimates that are considerable lower than the others. These might be because they are offering just the base line price and will add the rest afterwards. When getting the estimate, donג€™t just listen to the price, listen for what that price includes.

You should be given an easy to read and understand document describing the proposed move. It should include the estimated date of the move, the distance and an estimated weight if you are moving long distance. Check to make sure that these facts are accurate. If you are moving on a Saturday for example, and the estimate is for a weekday move, the price will be different when you receive your final bill. Check all of these small details thoroughly to avoid surprises later.

The Last Step ג€“ Once you have your options narrowed down, it is time to check that they are a licensed operator, either in your state or federally if you are moving cross country. A reputable moving company will usually readily supply their licensing numbers on the estimate paperwork. If not, you can check online with licensing agencies and the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against them.

Choose Your Mover ג€“ With all of the information in front of you, you should now be able to make a smart and logical choice for a moving company. Remember, it is not only the price that counts, but their history of integrity and reliability.

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