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10 Quick Packing Tips For a Hassle-Free Move

15 Mar 10 Quick Packing Tips For a Hassle-Free Move

A key strategy in reducing the stress of moving is staying organized before, during and after the move. Having a carefully laid out plan in place, and following it, saves you time and some of the struggle that moving to a new home can sometimes bring.

  1. Gather Your Moving Supplies –You are going to need packing tape and box fillers, boxes, labels, and a marker before you begin packing.
  2. Attack Moving an Entire House Room by Room-You can pack a good deal of your home a week or so in advance if you focus first on storage areas, closets and rooms that you barely use. This will get your home down to just those bare essentials in the last days before the move. Keep track of which box goes into which room of the new house by using your marker to clearly label each box. This will save you the hassle of trying to find things and moving boxes around in the new house.
  3. Pack Each Box Until It is Full –Filling the boxes all the way will actually protect your items by not allowing them to move around. If there are empty spaces inside of a box use packing fillers to keep everything in place.
  4. Use Smaller Boxes For Heavier Items-This ensures that the weight of all the boxes stays manageable.
  5. Donג€™t Pack What You Donג€™t Want or Need –Have an area set aside for household items that you donג€™t need to bring to the new house. These you can either sell by having a garage sale or donate to a local second hand store.
  6. Keep Track of Important Papers –Invest in a portable filing box or plastic container for moving your important paperwork. Birth certificates, automobile titles, marriage licenses and any other documents that you cannot afford to lose should be packed in one secure place and moved with you, rather than on a truck. The same goes for any items you may have of significant value.
  7. Use Ziploc Bags for Smaller Items- Bathroom cabinets, dresser tops and the kitchen all have assortments of small odds and ends that are making the move with you.
  8. Use Garbage Bags for Light Large Items- Donג€™t waste space in your boxes on pillows, stuffed toys and bed linens. These will all fit nicely into large sized plastic bags.
  9. Leave Clothes Inside of Dresser Drawers ג€“ There is no reason why a dresser has to be ג€œunpackedג€ of its clothes before you move. Just make sure that the drawers are secured so that they donג€™t slide open inside of the moving truck.
  10. Disassemble Furniture and Other Large Items When Possible ג€“ Use packing tape to secure the hardware to the underside to keep track of what screws go with what furniture.

When you and your possessions arrive at the new house, make sure that everything is being placed in the right room of the house. This will make unpacking easier as you go at it room by room. Be just as organized in your unpacking as you were with packing and that will be hassle-free as well.

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